Monday, June 21, 2010

The inevitable

It's obvious to me now (more than ever) that if I want more work in this biz I'll have to move to California. The east coast is a dry, desolate wasteland for artists. Nobody actually wants to be a starving artist...I wanna be an overly fed, morbidly obese artist. Is that too much to ask? i don't think so. Hollywood, here I come. . .

-keep it ill-

Oh btw, this chick is part of some preliminary concepts for a project comin' to fruition.


Kyle said...

one thingi've always admired about your work is the color harmony ad vivid colors you select man,

this is nice right here when you
make that move to cali your gonna kill the

I've got a question though

for some reason my pictures look waaay
more vivid in photoshop than they do when i post
them on the net, they become sterile so to speak,
what is a good remedy for that? I save em as JPEG and Gif files and see which one gives me the best results is calibration the next step?

Leon Harmon said...

I feel you Roc, I don't want to be starving either. You've got the skills to pay many o bills.

Cali has work for you no doubt and once you're in the mix you'll be unstoppable. Lets get fat together!!

Anonymous said...

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Ned said...

really nice this blog ... I like these pictures ...


SalBa Combé said...

wow! Great color!
I like your blog and your sexy girls.
See you

Laura Braga said...

Hi John,
oh acc, I missed some posts!
I love your women,are very sensual and strong! :)
...beautiful California, this is a great choice! good luck my friend!
**SEE U**

Queni said...

Check out the blog and BRAG about it 2 ur friends an FAM.

The Chic Report said...

great work. I'd be thrilled if you follow my Fashion/beauty/Art Blog The Chic Report.

Really cool blog.

Adam Temple said...

Nice paintings man, nice to meet you! I'll be keeping a look out! Good luck with the move!

Bronny said...

this is so beautiful, you are amazingly talented!

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