Thursday, June 21, 2007

Play for free!!!. . .

Just thought i'd post a couple renders of characters from "Phylon"
And I also wanted to tell everybody that for a limited time you can play it for free! just send an email to with the keyword(subject) wartoad.

btw...these were modeled by my good friend Nick Bradley. you can check out his blog here

Saturday, June 16, 2007

First Game Release!!!. . .

My company released our 1st game this weekend entitled "PHYLON". It's a massive mutliplayer online space! Chock full of crazy characters, crazy weapons and crazy worlds. expertly crafted by myself and the phenomenal art team over at Rapid Reality......a team that, over time, has become a family. We've made alot of games, but this is the first one to actually see the light of day. Here's a couple concepts i did for it. I hope everybody digs it. You can check it out over at
And to all the family members that are no longer with us.......... I personally will miss the hell outta yall. And the company will never be the same or as good without you.


p.s. i blame Elu

Sweet Hazel. . .

I'd like everybody to meet Hazel...Hazel, everybody.