Monday, June 14, 2010

Here and Gone. . .

Over the weekend I found out one of my good friends is expecting a baby...and another one of my good friends died. It's amazing how you can feel joy and sorrow in the same moment. . .how you can feel two completely different emotions simultaneously. Though these things are opposites they brought me to the same conclusion. Life is precious. . .meaningful. . .valuable. The start of life and the finish of life changes those closest to it forever. These monumental events and all moments in between can not be taken for granted.
I thank God for my life and the lives of my Wife and children. Congratulations Eric, your world is about to be reborn and I know you're ready for the journey. Tone Bing, you were one of the realest, coolest, funniest dudes I ever had the pleasure to call a close friend. My prayers go up for your family. you are missed.

-keep it ill-


Leon Harmon said...

Sorry for your loss Roc. Death is always a hard one to cope with but in your case you were given balance with a new life being born.

Its normal to feel the way you do and for our feelings to be at odds sometimes, but we're all human and that's expected to happen.

Let your friend live in on in the memories you all had and let this experience continue to build your character. We're all our experiences and how we handle them.

On a side note, the chick with the gun and scarf is calling to me. Love the pose.

Dayne Henry Jr said...

Man, I'm sorry to hear about your friend. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and yours, and to his family.

Congrats to your boy on the baby man, I'm expecting one of my own! A little girl man, due next month! I'm mad nervous, but I know it's gonna be beautiful.

Hope all is well good sir, keep on doing what you do... Lovin it all man. If you're in Cali around the Rancho Cucamonga area, a session will have to be had.

- D Henry

jesse winchester said...

Dang Johnny,
just found your work and I am blown away. Your one cool dude....

I hear ya on the reclusive stinky guy prospect. In a few years if we happen to bump in to each other on our canned beans run, Ill be sure to growl at ya!

keep at it man your a monster!
Ill be back often!

jesse winchester said...

Oh dang. I overlooked the last post.

Sorry to hear about your friend. My condolences.

"a baby's bein born
Same time my man is murdered, the beginning and end" - Nas

Yes the human experience certainly provides a vast range of emotion, often at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Man I still cant get past Tone. I was looking foward to linking up with him when i moved.

Ponch is having a kid???!!!
Oh lord. thats crazy!

I dig the Nas quote tho @Jessie.

John 'Roc' Upchurch said...

Leon- Preciate the words man. I'm wit it 100%. but nah, her pose looks crazy stiff to me. lol thanks man

Dayne- thanks man. And Congrats, homie! I got 2 boys and a girl...constant blessings, man. I definitely gotta catch up wit you next time i'm on that coast.

Jesse- thanks alot man. I appreciate it. It's funny I hadn't thought about that Nas quote until reading it.

Reek- the Tone thing is rough man...I don't even wanna think about what his kids are goin through. i just pray for em. And yeah Ponch havin a baby ponch...crazy. I gotta call him.

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