Saturday, July 19, 2008

Joss Whedon is what i like to call . . . Jesus.
Dr. horrible's sing-a-long blog is genius.
If you aint seen it yet.... see it. . .even if you hate musicals or Joss. . or Doogie howser, its worth the watch.
check it out [link]

this is my quick take on Captain Hammer (using Eric Canete's design [link] )

didn't really have time to get creative . . .just needed to get this off my chest. some characters yell at me to draw them.....and i acquiesce.

-keep it ill-

The Cat . . .

All of my recent warm-ups have been of Bat villains. I don't know why. But i do think they're the best set of villains and or rouges ever created (aside from "the Butcher" from that 'gangs of new york' movie. . .homie was a beast.) and having seen the Dark Knight yesterday. . . i don't see that stopping anytime soon.

-keep it ill-