Saturday, October 27, 2007

. . .

You tell me you need nothin' else,

no cars, no jewels, no need for the wealth. . .

But I'd be deceivin' myself

if i said that i didn't wanna give it to you.

But you don't get it, do you?

If you tired, I'd gift-wrap the moon up in ribbons and get it delivered to you.

If you thirsty, I would deliver the river to you.

'Cause everything I ever wanted I'm getting' it through you.

And everything good thats comin' I know it's due to

you doin' what you do.

And who knew that you'd do

what you do. . . so well.

Its too true I'm caught in ya voodoo, but oh well.

It's no better place on this earth to be.

Me wrapped in you, you immersed in me.

It hurts to leave, but we do what we must do.

So i put you on a pedestal that'll never move, 'cause there's nobody above you.

You on level that nobody ever can touch or live up to.

I much more than love you.

. . . I much more than love you.



Mimi Cortazar said...

He He :) veri cool stuff,i like a W.I.P...the progres how you show :)

Chainsaw said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chainsaw said...

reminds me of someone I know from myspace. this drawing is hot.

Anonymous said...

this chick is sooo thick :] man i luv your work..

trealz// myspace

Edgar Mendez said...

I first saw your art in the 2D Artist magazine. Great stuff man!

Vivek Ram said...

u got some really great work here man:) the latest piece:)

LauraBraga said...

hi my friend!!!:)
wow.....great-great illustrations!!!

my best compliments!!!



Gabriel Olson said...

Just came across your blog. GREAT work. I am an instant fan.

noel perry said...

AWESOME HOMEBOY!! never stops :)

dustin said...

really awesome stuff you got man, i love this one especially. haha

John 'Roc' Upchurch said...

thanks alot, Dustin.

Anonymous said...

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