Monday, October 23, 2006

Extra Pulp

this was a warm up sketch for this pulp fiction piece i was doin' called "dead nigger storge". . . .The idea took on a life of its own and has become something even greater. Hopefully i can have some more sketches form that up soon (Tarintino has no knowledge of this).

The second sketch is an old idea that started off as another angel concept. But half way through it didn't feel right so i just finished it out as something different. I still wanna use elements from this. . . . just not this.


ch-ch-chamba said...

yo these are very nice,
great resemblance on the pulps and that chicka's wicked

LauraBraga said...

Thank for your visit to my blog.
Your works here are very nice:)
I like very much your colors!!!
keep up the good work!!!:))

Roc said...

Thank you. . . I really appriciate the comments

Bikkit said...

I really like the girl. Great personality! Or at least, lots of really questionable personality!

Alex Sinenko said...

hehe, I love pulp fiction. The second sketch is my fav tho, lot's of attitude in it... You know this girl's been around the block:)

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Great pics,Pulp Fiction one is cool ! I like the other pic lots,pity you didn't finish her !

Chainsaw said...

I cannot even begin to tell you how hot the girl is. You made my day.

gianlu said...

the second sketch is very beautyfull!!! compliments!!! is very identical of my girlfriends!
sorry for my maccheronic language!!!:)

karimq said...

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